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Famous for making the quintessential English teddy bear, Merrythought has been hand crafting the finest soft toys in the Ironbridge factory since 1930.  Each Merrythought teddy bear is exquisitely designed and created using luxury fabrics such as mohair and alpaca and is finished with a carefully hand embroidered nose to give a truly individual personality.  Only the perfect soft toy features the iconic Merrythought black and gold label on the right paw pad – the sign of great craftsmanship and over eighty years of teddy bear making heritage, hand made here in England.

  1. Antique Panda by MerrythoughtAntique Panda by Merrythought
  2. Chester 10" by MerrythoughtChester 10" by Merrythought
  3. Chester 12" by MerrythoughtChester 12" by Merrythought
  4. London Blonde 12" by MerrythoughtLondon Blonde 12" by Merrythought
  5. London Blonde 16" by MerrythoughtLondon Blonde 16" by Merrythought
  6. London Curly Gold 10" by MerrythoughtLondon Curly Gold 10" by Merrythought
  7. London Curly Gold 14" by MerrythoughtLondon Curly Gold 14" by Merrythought
  8. London Curly Gold 18" by MerrythoughtLondon Curly Gold 18" by Merrythought
  9. London Gold 10" by MerrythoughtLondon Gold 10" by Merrythought
  10. London Gold 14" by MerrythoughtLondon Gold 14" by Merrythought
  11. London Gold 16" by MerrythoughtLondon Gold 16" by Merrythought
  12. London Gold 16" with growler by MerrythoughtLondon Gold 16" with growler by Merrythought
  13. Oxford 10" by MerrythoughtOxford 10" by Merrythought
  14. Oxford 13" by MerrythoughtOxford 13" by Merrythought
  15. Shrewsbury 10" by MerrythoughtShrewsbury 10" by Merrythought
  16. Shrewsbury 12" by MerrythoughtShrewsbury 12" by Merrythought
  17. Traditional Cheeky by MerrythoughtTraditional Cheeky by Merrythought
  18. Windsor by MerrythoughtWindsor by Merrythought