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Animals Asia Auctions

As part of our fundraising, we hold an on-line auction every year in December and these have become well known all over the world.  Since 2003 we have raised £81,604, all of which has been donated to Animals Asia.

We are very proud to have been named Animals Asia's Corporate Supporter for 2015.

With apologies to everyone who has already donated items for our 2016 auction, I am unable to hold one this year as my partner, Malcolm, passed away in June, unexpectedly.  This has left me with a new set of challenges which I hope to overcome to carry on with fund raising, perhaps on a slightly smaller scale as far as the annual auctions are concerned. Malcolm was the back bone of the auctions, supporting me in every way possible while I confirmed bids with endless emails, day after day, double checking everything for me and finally with the packing and despatching of parcels.  At the present time I am just finding the thought of arranging something without him rather too daunting.