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Barricane Bears by Rachel Ward

Rachel has always had a love for all things "furry" - as a child, she had a huge collection of soft toys. Back in 1994 she discovered a copy of Teddy Bear Times magazine and was amazed to encounter a wonderful world of artist bears - all for grown-ups!

Having trained as a fashion designer, Rachel went on to design child’s wear for Marks & Spencer and other high street stores and so it was a natural move for her to start making her own bears.

Rachel's inspiration comes mainly from large, huggable vintage bears, vintage clothing and accessories and, of course, mohair!  She uses mainly antique or vintage accessories and trimmings and as such these will not always be in perfect condition.  However, Rachel feels that the natural aging adds character and fits in perfectly with the look of her bears.

Barricane Bears are now exclusive to Abracadabra!!

  1. Bertram Boode by Barricane Bears - ADOPTEDBertram Boode by Barricane Bears - ADOPTED
  2. Chester Putford by Barricane BearsChester Putford by Barricane Bears
  3. Eleni Huish by Barricane Bears - ADOPTEDEleni Huish by Barricane Bears - ADOPTED
  4. Floria Tetcott by Barricane Bears - ADOPTEDFloria Tetcott by Barricane Bears - ADOPTED
  5. Roanna Dowland by Barricane BearsRoanna Dowland by Barricane Bears