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16th October: Take a peek at our Special Offers this week, lots of artist bears, especially in the Orphanage section, at very reduced prices!!

30th September: the final update for this week is for a new collection from Die aus dem Koffer - click here.

30th September: added today are some newly arrived Orphan Bears - visit the Orphanage to see them all.

29th September: we have a new collection of animals from Sue Quinn - check them out here.

25th September: Dany Melse has, once again, created a magnificent collection of her antique style teddy bears for us.  They are available online now.

21st September: beautiful vintage style rabbits from Nikki Page, Sweet Violet Designs, click here to view.

20th September: if you love miniature art, you will love Jane Mogford's Pipkins Bears - take a look.

Also available on-line today are new arrivals from Thingumy & Co, click here to take a look.

19th September: here is the new collection of Bearable Bears

16th September: miniature teddy bears from Hoblins are available now - see them here.

15th September: if you like quirky but beautifully detailed creations, you must check out our new collection from artist Elena Nagel who makes under the name Leni-Dolls

14th September: today's new artist offering is for Karen Elderfield's lovely Britannia Bears which can be found here.

13th September: this week's second update is for Vintage Bears from France, please take a look.

Vintage Bears