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Brimbin Forest Bears by Linda Clapham

Lyn told us: "I live in a small country river town called Taree which is on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia.  Brimbin Forest is prime koala habitat and is our back year, so to speak, hence the name, Brimbin Forest Bears.

I started on the addictive road of bear making 14 years ago and I was influenced by some of the bear sculptures in my collection and a teddy bear magazine I had found in a store.  At the time I was looking for something different to do and thought, I reckon I can do this - no practice runs, straight in at the top with a pattern and a piece of mohair!  With lots of misses and a few hits, I progressed onto creating my own designs and styles

I'm a huge animal lover and we are "owned" by Millie, a Norwich terrier and Amu, a mini dachs and we are lucky and privileged to have a multitude of colourful parrots, wallabies and other wildlife visit our property".

  1. Della by Brimbin Forest Bears - reservedDella by Brimbin Forest Bears - reserved
  2. Edmund by Brimbin Forest Bears - reservedEdmund by Brimbin Forest Bears - reserved
  3. Fern by Brimbin Forest Bears - adoptedFern by Brimbin Forest Bears - adopted