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Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears was founded by bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris in November 2005 and they launched their first collection in February 2006.  Since this time, every little creation from Charlie Bears has been lovingly hand made with every attention to detail. 

Charlie Bears Plush Collection is launched every year with new designs and fabrics – we always hold an extensive stock of these lovely bears, very popular with collectors but at the same time, safe for children from 3 years.  As these teddies are all hand made, we are always happy to take extra photos of faces for you on request so you can choose your favourite. 

Bearhouse Bears are suitable for children, 18 months up, but are also popular with all age groups, owing to the detail and fabrics used.  These are un-jointed teddy bears and other animals in soft machine washable fabrics, ideal for youngsters just starting a collection.

Charlie Bear Minimos – adorable little mohair creations, fully jointed, ideal as there’s “always room for one more bear”.

The Isabelle Collection from Charlie Bears comprises a selection of beautifully hand crafted teddy bears and animals designed by Isabelle Lee.  These are made in small limited editions from top quality mohair and alpaca fabrics with a new collection available each year.  Each bear comes with an embroidered fabric carry bag.  These teddy bears are collectors items and are not suitable for children under 14 years.  These are listed on a separate page, which you can access here.

  1. Charlie Bears Plush 2018Charlie Bears Plush 2018
  2. Charlie Bears Plush 2020Charlie Bears Plush 2020
  3. Charlie Bears Plush 2021Charlie Bears Plush 2021
  4. Charlie Bears Plush 2022Charlie Bears Plush 2022
  5. Charlie Bears Plush 2023Charlie Bears Plush 2023
  6. Charlie Bears Plush 2024Charlie Bears Plush 2024
  7. Charlie Bears Signature Collection 2023Charlie Bears Signature Collection 2023
  8. Charlie Bears Signature Collection 2024Charlie Bears Signature Collection 2024
  9. Charlie Bears Minimos 2020Charlie Bears Minimos 2020
  10. Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2015/2016Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2015/2016
  11. Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2020Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2020
  12. Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2021Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2021
  13. Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2023Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2023
  14. Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2024Charlie Bears Bearhouse 2024