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Dany Baeren by Daniela Melse

We have been showcasing Dany's beautful vintage style bears here at Abracadabra since 2001.  Even after all these years, we still look forward to the arrival of every new order, anticipating the pleasure of lifting each teddy from the box and taking the first look.  Each of Dany's bears seems to be filled with the love and passion with which she makes them and this seems to shine from their eyes as if they have a real soul.

Dany has been making bears since 1992 when, as a student, she first saw a Steiff bear that she wanted but couldn't afford to buy.  "I can make one myself" she said and that is how it began.

  1. Christopher by Dany Baeren - adoptedChristopher by Dany Baeren - adopted
  2. Dietridi by Dany-Baeren - reservedDietridi by Dany-Baeren - reserved
  3. Joe by Dany-Baeren - adoptedJoe by Dany-Baeren - adopted
  4. Marya by Dany-Baeren - reservedMarya by Dany-Baeren - reserved
  5. Maurice by Dany-Baeren - reservedMaurice by Dany-Baeren - reserved
  6. Theobald by Dany-Baeren - adoptedTheobald by Dany-Baeren - adopted