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Die aus dem Koffer by Susanne Tauber

Susanne has been making her wonderful vintage style teddies since 2000. Her passion for teddy bears came about a few years earlier, in 1997, when she came across a rather unloved and damaged vintage teddy whilst at a flea market.  Her collection started here and steadily grew, acquiring new bears as well as old. Susanne made her first teddy, completely hand-sewn, in 2000.  Her love for all things "old" influences her style, especially in the use of vintage fabrics, lace and trims that adorn the clothing. 

  1. Lothar by Die aus dem Koffer - adoptedLothar by Die aus dem Koffer - adopted
  2. Rosalie by Die aus dem Koffer - reservedRosalie by Die aus dem Koffer - reserved