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Forget Me Not Bears by the Wiltshire sisters

Forget Me Not Bears are made by sisters Mary and Joy who have been making their wonderful, museum quality teddy bears since the 1980's.

Originally from England, the family emigrated and lived for many years in the plains of Saskatchewan in Canada but have now returned and are permanently based back in England,  Liz, another sister, retired from bear making when she married and is busily looking after her two small children.  Alice, the fourth sister, has also recently semi-retired but does make the occasional bear when time permits.

We will sometimes have Liz and Alice's bears to re-home from previous owners and these will be found in the Orphanage section of the website.  Meanwhile we are very happy and proud to be able to showcase the beautiful vintage style teddy bears made by Mary and Joy.

  1. Melbee Otler by Joy, Forget Me Not Bears - reservedMelbee Otler by Joy, Forget Me Not Bears - reserved