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Gilles-Baeren by Silvia Gilles

Since taking up bear making part time in 1998, Silvia has attained countless awards for her work.  She uses a variety of fabrics; mohair, alpaca and quality faux fur, to create teddy bears and an abundance of other sweet faced animals.

  1. Friedel by Gilles-Baeren - adoptedFriedel by Gilles-Baeren - adopted
  2. Mumin by Gilles-Baeren - adoptedMumin by Gilles-Baeren - adopted
  3. Navin by Gilles Baeren - adoptedNavin by Gilles Baeren - adopted
  4. Squirrel Pit by Gilles-BaerenSquirrel Pit by Gilles-Baeren
  5. Xanti by Gilles-Baeren  - adoptedXanti by Gilles-Baeren - adopted