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HUGOSHOUSE Bears by Gregory Gyllenship

Gregory has been designing and making bears since 1992.  His original inspiration was the classic German Teddy with long, elegantly tapered arms, a humped back and pronounced snout.  Through the years he evolved different styles and enjoys the chalenge of making a bear with a strong sculptural shape and substance, sometimes with bold colours and contrasts.  Whatever the style of bear he makes, it is important to him to recal the origin of the Teddy Bear as a gentle creature of cloth and felt and needlework so, even a large grisly bear will always be a Teddy Bear at heart.  He still very much enjoys the challenge of capturing the spirit and style of those early bears too and constantly revises patterns and details as an ongoing creative process.

  1. Hubert by Gregory Gyllenship - reservedHubert by Gregory Gyllenship - reserved