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Little Dipper Teddies by Cat Maessen

This is what Cat tells us about herself: "I'm in my forties, married with one grown up daughter who lives on the other side of the planet and a cocker spaniel.  I've been making teddies for a little over 10 years now and love every minute of it.  Before that I was two dimensionally creative, mostly with paints and pencils.  I still like to draw portraits and I LOVE to quilt.

  1. Bear 105 by Little Dipper TeddiesBear 105 by Little Dipper Teddies
  2. Bear 106 by Little Dipper TeddiesBear 106 by Little Dipper Teddies
  3. Bear 108 by Little Dipper TeddiesBear 108 by Little Dipper Teddies