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All the bears featured in our orphanage are now disinherited, unwanted and homeless. While we can temporarily foster them, we cannot keep them here for ever and so we are looking to re-home them where they will be loved and cherished.

As we market and sell our Orphans on behalf of their current owners, we cannot offer discounts or layaways longer than 3 payments unless a longer term is stated in the description. Sometimes it’s worth contacting us to ask if the seller might accept a near offer on price however. We will always pass offers on.

Please note that as the items are not the property of Abracadabra Teddy Bears, they are not covered by our usual returns policy and all sales are therefore final

If you would like us to help you find new homes for your artist bears, details of our Orphanage Programme can be found here

  1. Patsy by Elizabeth Leggat, Beth's Bears - SPECIAL OFFERPatsy by Elizabeth Leggat, Beth's Bears - SPECIAL OFFER
  2. Ritz by Svetlana Stakheeva, ABCbears - reservedRitz by Svetlana Stakheeva, ABCbears - reserved
  3. Shao Yong by Jean & Bill Ashburner, Bear BitsShao Yong by Jean & Bill Ashburner, Bear Bits