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Shantock Bears by Elanor Andrews

Elanor has always been creative, from a tiny tot who spent most of her time colouring, painting and making models from whatever she could find, to a teenager and after school, attending design college. After spending many years in retails, her career took a more creative turn when she started work in a Social Services day centre for adults with learning difficulties where she ran art groups for painting, pottery and sewing.  

Her career took another turn in 2002 when she found a bear kit in a magazine and thought she'd have a go at making it.  Little did she know that this would lead to a full time career designing and making her award winning bears, mice and friends.

  1. Chaplin by Shantock Bears - adoptedChaplin by Shantock Bears - adopted
  2. Nougat by Shantock Bears - reservedNougat by Shantock Bears - reserved
  3. The Great Antonio by Shantock Bears - adoptedThe Great Antonio by Shantock Bears - adopted