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Sue Quinn Bears and Hedgehog Corner

Sue's lovely classical bears and animals have been appreciated by collectors worldwide for many years. All are made either in her country home or in her studio in Scotland.  Only the most beautiful mohair is carefully chosen and the accessories are sometimes vintage with lace sourced from antique fairs.

When we opened Abracadabra in 2000, Sue's bears and rabbits were amongst the first to sit on the shelves of the shop and we are very pleased to still be showcasing her work today.

  1. Fox by Sue Quinn - adoptedFox by Sue Quinn - adopted
  2. Matty in yellow by Sue Quinn - adoptedMatty in yellow by Sue Quinn - adopted
  3. Miss Prickleberry by Sue Quinn - adoptedMiss Prickleberry by Sue Quinn - adopted
  4. Tilly by Sue Quinn - adoptedTilly by Sue Quinn - adopted
  5. Timmy Chuckle by Sue Quinn - adoptedTimmy Chuckle by Sue Quinn - adopted