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Thingumy & Co. by Bry Richardson

Bry has been desiging and hand sewing bears and other little animals since 1998.  She used to make under the name of Brys Bruins and has now returned to bear making after a long break with a new name and new designs.  

Bry is inspired by vintage and Japanese mini bears, also anything wild and wacky and she believes that this comes out in her designs.

  1. Boris by Thingumy & CoBoris by Thingumy & Co
  2. Nestor by Thingumy & CoNestor by Thingumy & Co
  3. Pavel by Thingumy & Co - reservedPavel by Thingumy & Co - reserved
  4. Sasha by Thingumy & Co - adoptedSasha by Thingumy & Co - adopted
  5. Yang by Thingumy & CoYang by Thingumy & Co