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Vintage Bears by Colette & Jerome Maillot

 Colette and Jerome are mother and son, living on the west coast of France, near La Rochelle and the Isle of Oleron.They work as a team and have been making bears together since 2006. Their inspiration comes from antique bears of the early 1900's, using the same materials as were used then: German mohair, wood wool stuffing (which requires a strong, firm hand to get a regular density), wooden shoe button eyes and with the unique look that makes antique bears so fantastic. Jerome's own collection of antique bears is now more than 350 pieces, many of which are animals on wheels.

In their workshop they are surrounded by antique bears and the music of Chopin.

  1. Albert by Vintage Bears - adoptedAlbert by Vintage Bears - adopted
  2. Benny by Vintage Bears - adoptedBenny by Vintage Bears - adopted
  3. Morgan by Vintage Bears - reservedMorgan by Vintage Bears - reserved
  4. Randy by Vintage Bears - adoptedRandy by Vintage Bears - adopted